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Video of new single"Trees"officially released 06/23/2023

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Dorian Taj on Vinyl Record

Dorian Taj on Vinyl Record

Vinyl is Super cool. Whether you have a record player or not(time... 

Dorian Taj on Compact Disk

Dorian Taj on Compact Disk

CD's are still the go to for listening in cars on those... 

  • Bio

    Dorian Anthony Alexander Tajbakhsh, better known as Dorian Taj, is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL. He made his first records with the hardcore punk band Articles of Faith, whom he joined just before the recording of their first album, "Give Thanks" produced by Bob Mould. Afterward, he played in the local noise band, End Result, appearing on their lone release, a 12" EP called "Ward" released on Steve Albini's Ruthless label. He later formed a rock band called "Wait For Light". After living in Los Angeles for a time, the band returned to Chicago to record the debut Album at Phil Bonnet's Solid Sound. After a European tour Wait For Light disbanded. D.T. eventually began performing with a band under his name. Releasing the Puppet Record(Joe Irizarry, John Hiler sessions), The Tobacco Record(The Dave Trumfio sessions), and The Hating Game(Dan Dietrick, Ed Tinley, Jeff Boyd sessions). The next release “Giant” 2015 was recorded and mixed by Alex Moore and mastered by Bob Weston They have completed and released The new album called On The Loose(Sept. 2020) Vinyl release(2022). Mixed by Robbie Hamilton at Strange Magic in Chicago and Mastered by Dave Trumfio at Kingsize Sound Labs (L.A.). And in addition they just released "All the Way" and "Livin' in a Jelly Roll" singles(2022)

    The Band is
    Dorian Anthony Alexander Tajbakhsh-vocals, guitar
    Anthony Rubino-guitar
    Danny Severson-Bass

    Josh Hudson-piano, guitar 

    Ryan Farnham-drums, percussion

Official video for the "All The Way" single