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Dorian Taj

Hating Game Compact Disk

Hating Game Compact Disk

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New and Sealed. The 3rd record from Chicago's Dorian Taj;"The Hating Game " shows the dynamic song craft we have come to know from D.T. and band

Chicago is filled with treasures like Dorian Taj; these are the musicians who have been around just under the surface creating great music for so long that people tend to take them for granted. That's certainly a shame, because it's guys like Taj that provide the underpinnings of what makes Chicago such a great music town. A Midwestern work ethic and a no-bullshit approach that drives some of the most enduring offerings from our local catalog, and Taj has done his best to contribute more than a few entries.
Taj's latest album is The Hating Game, a fiery collection of garage pop spiked with venom and delivered atop brick solid rhythms countering guitars that rage and wane against scratched and sometimes venomous vocals. This is usually a young man's game and Taj is crashing it with his wisdom untarnished by boyish sentimentality. Despite often angry lyrics, the songs end up being buoyant and life affirming -- rock and soul for the oppressed -- creating a twisted blend of tunes that make you want to dance while shoving your fist through a wall.
Dorian Taj's live full-band performances take songs that throb on the albums and turns them into musical Molotov cocktails. The funny thing, though, is that these aren't angry shows. The band shows no malice. Instead Dorian Taj takes the opportunity to display the raw emotion that drives the compositions, and it's a celebration of that honesty that provides fuel for the live show's fire.

Album review from "The Chicagoist" written by Jim Kopeny

Dorian Anthony Alexander Tajbakhsh-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Aaron Bakker--lead guitar, vocals
Tom Atteberry-bass
Danny Severson-drums

Conci Nelson-backup vocals on Second Class Citizen
Ed Tinley-keyboards on Forgetting
Recorded at Wall To Wall Studio with Dan Dietrich and Frank Caruso
Drums for Forgetting, The Hating Game and Second Class Citizen recorded by Jeff Boyd at Kingsize Sound Labs(Chicago)
Mixed, Mastered and additional recording by Ed Tinley at Boris Karlov Laboratory Chicago
Barbie and Yep recorded at Noble Mobile with help from Turon Yon

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